This is English version.
I am japanese. I live at tokyo in japan for about 21 years. (But I am not 21 years old.)
So, I will introduce about one of the japanese cultures, manga comic.
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(1)naruto met dead his mother in his own soul
The naruto trains to control the nine-tails's chakra energy in a forest of huge tortoise. Mr. Bi rhymes whenever he talks.
naruto challenges to controll the nine-tails with Mr. Bi, but the nine-tails strongly resisted naruto.
(2)naruto birth
Ninja, Naruto heard seacret of his birth from his mother. She was a survivor of the uzumaki whole families.
Wife of The first GREATEST NINJA MASTER, "HOKAGE", Hashirama Senju was "Jin-chu-riki". Naruto's mother was next "Jin-chu-riki". So His mother is wife of The forth "HOKAGE". "HOKAGE" means Ninja title.
Naruto is a son of The forth "HOKAGE".

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