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This is English version.
I am japanese. I live at tokyo in japan for about 21 years. (But Iam not 21 years old.)
So, I will introduce about one of the japanese cultures, manga comic.

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Serialization does not readily advance, and the hunterXhunter that the release of comics was postponed is finally released on July 4.

Besides, on August 4, The hunterXhunter comic 29chapter release it in succession. I waited impatiently for reading by the comics without valuing The Syonen jump. I include spoiling as follows.
King of KimeraAnt with the overwhelming strength that even Netero chairperson does not match. Netero which 100 sets of Kannon poured all one's aura for the skill without an effect, and has dried up like a mummy.
Even King shrinks at the terribleness. It blew up with the small nuclear bomb which Netero pushed.

It seemed whether the strategy succeeded. The King became the figure to hardly keep the original form and breathed faintly. But, Pufu rush and help King at the expense of his body. Gon waits still in order to save Kite. Pito takes in strong faith of Gon and will perceive that I am most dangerous person in future.
To be continue

I want to read the comic. I have heard that I did not know whether sex of Pito - was a man or a woman.
That's All.

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