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This is English version.
I am japanese. I live at tokyo in japan for about 21 years. (But Iam not 21 years old.)
So, I will introduce about one of the japanese cultures, manga comic.

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Comment of Japanese naruto55 comicYou need to read Kanji and japanese.

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English Naruto 55
The "NARUTO55 winding "Great War, the outbreak of war
Mr. Uchiha madara and Mr. Yakushi Kabuto cooperated for war. Kabuto revivified many dead people.

(1) Surprise attack corps
Mr. Kankuro met Mr. Sosori, Mr. Deidara and Mr. Sai's brother. They are dead people.
Mr. Sosori controled Mr. Sai's brother. Mr. Deidara blaw the bomb up.
(2)Naruto's training
Mr. Be taught Mr. Naruto How to control chakura.
If naruto will be monster-mode, He will use powerful weapon. But He can not will be monster-mode. So He will learn how to use another weapon. It's "Rasen-Gan".

(3)Mr. Kakashi fought Mr. Zabuza again.
This story let me cry.

Naruto said, "He chosen to sacrifice for you."
Naruto said, "I didn't think Haku make his dream." and was crying. Mr. Zabuza said, "Hey boy, Don't say anything more." and shed tears of regret.

At the present day

Mr. kakashi stood secretly behind Mr. zabuza. And Mr.Kakashi began to attack Zabuza.
However, it is Mr. Haku makes himself a shield and blocks Mr.Zabuza. Haku has became the marionette by Kabuto.
Mr. Kakashi threw Haku's body by the hand sword of Mr. Kakashi's right hand.
Then, Haku grabbed Mr. Kakashi's arm with both hands, and Haku prevented from missing Mr. kakashi.
Zabuza has became the marionette.
Zabuza would cut Mr. Kakashi and Mr. Haku with the big knife. However, Mr. Kakashi won Zabuza in this fight, and going.

(4)Predecessors in the family line
Mr. Muu who was the second of Tsuchikage came back from the dead by Mr. Kabuto's magic.
That's all.

To be continue

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