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This is English version.
I am japanese. I live at tokyo in japan for about 21 years. (But Iam not 21 years old.)
So, I will introduce about one of the japanese cultures, manga comic.

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English Naruto 57
Attention. spoiler warning. not download.
  1. Mr. Naruto's teacher Iruka tried to persuade Mr. Naruto.
     Naruto felt the sign of another chakra.
    He wondered that there was what happened.
    He tried to go to the outside from the building.
    Then, Naruto's teacher Iruka and another ninja came into the building.
    Iruka said to him, "The outside is dangerous. You will stay in this place."
    But Naruto thought any suspicious.
    So He decided to go out from the building.  ninjas tried to block him.
    Iruka didn't thought He could stop naruto.
    Iruka explained what happened now.
    Naruto thought He made to finish the forth ninja war by himself.
    He went to the Battlefield.
    Mr. Bi of Hachibi chased Naruto. Iruka asked Mr. Bi to help naruto.
  2.  Does Madara participate at last ?
    Madara knew naruto and Mr. bi went to the outside from the island. Madara used Gedo-majin.Madara pushes forward a plan little by little.
  3. Naruto fought Raikage.
     Chief bosses, Raikage and Hokage, blocked before Naruto and bi.
    The strategy of war is that they hide naruto and Bi from madara.
    If Madara will get naruto and bi, the war will be game over. Then, The world will be end.
    Chief boss, Raikage tried to stop naruto going to  the battlefield.
    Raikage's speed is fastest except the fourth hokage.
    Bi persuade Raikage to forgive naruto.
    But Raikage tried to hit naruto, Naruto dodged the punches of Raikage.
     Naruto word,
    "I do, I learned from Father of the Messiah."
  4. New enemy, Pain six members.
    Madara made six members from dead people. They had special eyes, "Syarin-gan" and "Rinne-Gan".
That's all.

To be continue

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