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This is English version.
I am japanese. I live at tokyo in japan for about 21 years. (But Iam not 21 years old.)
So, I will introduce about one of the japanese cultures, manga comic.

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You may read japanese kanji.
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Comment of ONEPiece Volume 62 (Syonen-Jump) "The secret of Fish person island"

Creature Isle is located on the seabed. Therefore, the ship on the island because people wear to be able to dive to the sea fish or submarines can dive to the sea, it is necessary to coat the entire hull. Creature Isle, as its name implies, the fish people, who live mermaids. Mermaid, the so-called human upper body, lower body is fish. Mermaid Nantes, often well considering, either a human or a ghost or an alien remodeling. If real, the horror story. One Piece Volume 60 previous comments welcome File away a bit character

King Neptune: Ryugu island kingdom who ruled the fish. Fukaboshi son of King Neptune, Ryuuboshi, Prince 3 Manboshi Star Princess in giant crybaby busty daughter of King Neptune Shirakawa.

Captain Ho Di Jones: The gang's successor Aaron, Holding the ambition to take possession of the island who fish hate humans.

Ken Vander deck: The Pirates propose marriage to Princess Star captain known, I do not think that person to harass Star Princess known. In a real Matomato ability, and aim not remove. Di Ho join hands with Jones in Pirates new fish people.
Synopsis One Piece, Volume 62, including comments.
Creature Isle is located at a depth of 10,000 meters. To get there are some difficulties lie ahead. One is the battle between pirates. The two, who live on the ocean floor sea monsters. Three, the forces of nature, the ocean currents and undersea volcanoes. Kaikuguri these difficulties successfully, somehow we thought Luffy's straw man arrived on the island of fish. However, people fish on the verge of the island, encountering remnants of the gang to Aaron. Pirates of the name of the new Creature.
Seabed, the fish against a person because it can not be a decent fight, avoid the battle, choose to flee the island for the purpose of arriving at the fish man. Straw Hat Luffy who arrived in the area of the island who somehow fish. Luckily, that long-term care Keimi mermaid.
Luffy and Sanji who spend a pleasant time with his busty mermaid style with exceptional beauty. Disaster, fall into dangerous conditions Desugi a bloody nose.
Saved the Princess's pet, shark, the King Neptune visited by himself, Straw Hat Pirates are invited. Luffy was a room known Star Princess entered the room I prowl the food there is in the Dragon's Palace. Shirane Star Princess, a beautiful, giant tits were. Luffy was facing the Star Princess Shirakawa is targeted to know that life is dead from Ken Vander Star Princess known.
Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates were accused of kidnapping and mermaid fortune teller's prophecy, the opposite would be arrested Ryugu King, barricade and hostage Ryugu king.
In addition, Luffy took out with Shirakawahosi Princess. to be continue comic 63.
That's all.
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